Why The Title?

Junkie  is such a derogatory and nasty word so why apply it willingly to myself? That’s a good question. I have been so restless and unfulfilled spiritually for the past 5 years that I have filled my head with all sorts of knowledge on different religions and paths, and indeed participated in a few different communities, all the while seeking that elusive “connection” to God/dess/Spirit/Universe/Divine Creator….. that I have just tied myself up in knots and have information overload. All the while still never finding my 100% true path.

I think the quest for the answer has muddled the way and turned me into a bit of a “quester” instead because of the sheer volume of information and diversity out there. I’m now confused, frustrated and disappointed in life and myself. NOT quite the outcome I was aiming for.

So, for shits and giggles, and also for accountabililty, I thought I’d start this blog to see if I can get my head out of my arse and get on with things, or just wax lyrical and contemplate my navel for all to see – people like that reality stuff these days *shrugs*

Either way, here’s where it’ll be at.


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