The Turning Point

Five days ago my life changed. I had an NDE (Near Death Experience) and it was beautiful, awe inspiring and exactly the kick up the arse that I needed. I can feel people rolling their eyes at me, thinking I’m a complete nut job, and that’s ok. If it hadn’t happened to me, I’d be right there with you. In fact, by the end of this post, I’m pretty sure some of you will have nothing more to do with me, and as sad as I will find that, I will respect that decision.

I was in between hospital visits and was lying in my bedroom on the bed, trying to make the pain stop in my head. I decided to meditate the pain away, something I have successfully done in the past when the migraines get so unbearable all I want to do is scream. So I slowed my breathing and focused on the meditation I was going to do (The Medicine Buddha Meditation for those of you who are interested). I was just on the verge of it and my perception changed ever so slightly, but enough to snap me out of pre meditation phase. I had my eyes closed and from my left, a soft golden light drifted (for want of a better word) across my line of vision. Ok, I thought, just a distraction, acknowledge it and refocus. But it wouldn’t go away, in fact, it got brighter and more persistent. This is new, just go with it and see what happens, I thought to myself.

I became aware of a presence and that presence multiplied. I saw, but didn’t see, a multitude of “beings” whom I instantly understood to be my ancestors. I marvelled at the fact that I could be aware of them all at once and there were so many of them! I’m an only child so that pleased me immensely. I then focused on one “being” at the front who grew bigger and more luminous. I looked at it and without even thinking asked Are you God? It’s face then came into focus but I was not prepared for what happened next. At first the face was the Virgin Mary smiling at me, then it changed to Jesus. Hmm ok, I thought, not my path any more but I can deal with this. THEN the face changed to Isis, Odin and then went blank (think the luminous beings from “Cocoon” – Google it if you haven’t seen it). I had this feeling of the biggest A-ha! moment ever, in the history of evers.

God/dess/Creator/Source is ONE. All these representations are THE SAME DIVINE SOURCE/CREATOR.

Ok right about now I can feel feel a LOT of you going Damn woman! What drugs are you on? Can I have some? or just thinking Ok she’s lost the plot, I’m out of here. Like I stated earlier, if it’s too much and you can’t deal, I won’t hold it against you and while I’ll miss you, I wish you well _/\_

Meanwhile, back to my bed. I looked at the Source thinking, either I’m dying, dead or completely losing my mind. So I looked at the other beings and thought you are my ancestors, you’ll protect me and be with me for the rest of my life right? and I immediately got the impression that yes, they would. I then knew that if I died right then, or whenever I did, I wouldn’t die alone. None of us will. I then received a thought you need to go, you’ve been here too long. I was in the middle of thinking that I wanted to ask more questions and that I really liked this place when I heard this ear piercing police siren outside my bedroom window. I immediately opened my eyes and felt a bit annoyed that this noise had not only startled the hell out of me, but it hurt my head. I sat up and reflected on what had just happened and the first thought was OMG what a fantastic experience! Closely followed by If I tell anyone about it they’ll commit me for the rest of my life.

I went outside and told my mother who listened to me wordlessly, smiled and then said There weren’t any police sirens at all. You heard it for a reason. I was pretty shocked by that, and those who know me, know I don’t shock easily. I reflected on everything a second time and had this huge realisation:

If understanding God, the Universe, the meaning of life etc is a Master’s Degree at University, then humanity as a whole is in pre-kindergarten at primary school.

We are so far behind the eight ball STILL and we don’t even know it. Or, more accurately I believe – we don’t WANT to know it. The basis for religion is 5000 years old for example. As a civilisation we have made tremendous steps forward in those 5000 years, but we don’t want our beliefs to catch up? If Source/God is omnipresent and omnipotent then surely Source/God can handle changes in ritual, practise and understanding of Theology. You know what the REAL ISSUE is? People can’t stand changes. Especially when it upsets their balance of power they’ve gained from bastardising a tradition or path for their own gains. Yes I said it. Look at history, it’s not like it’s never happened. For an “advanced civilisation” such as ours, we are really good at being naive/stupid/evil at ignoring our own history.  “Traditional Medicine” has to extinguish holistic therapies as outdated claptrap, charlatanism and to protect people from being exploited/ripped off,  yet uses so many herbs and natural remedies itself? No it’s not protecting people, it’s eliminating the competition because of FEAR. We are so advanced as a people, but emotionally, humankind is still stuck 5000 years ago and it is really sad. Science and theism don’t have to be in direct competition, they can actually enhance each other if given half a chance. I think His Holiness the Dalai Lama put it best when he summed up Buddhism some years ago – Buddhism and science are compatible. If science proves something wrong about Buddhism, then Buddhism has to change.  Ergo, it stands to reason that if science realises the truth in a Buddhist teaching, then science must change. I believe this should apply to everything, I’m just using science as an example following on from His Holiness’ statement.

I guess my main point in all of this is we have been given the ability by God/dess/Creator/Source/Insert Your Own Title Here, yet we still act like petty, hate filled, juvenile preschoolers. We could accomplish so much more if we pulled our collective head out of our arse and focused on the real issues. And I’m sorry, the issue of who’s name for Source is correct or who owns what tract of land that’s been there for thousands of years IS NOT THAT FRIGGING IMPORTANT! What _IS_ important is how can we spend millions of dollars blowing shit up, launching shit into the sky or on technology, when we can use just a FRACTION of that money and eradicate homelessness, poverty and people going hungry in a matter of weeks? I said before that humankind is still stuck 5000 years ago and it’s sad – what’s really sad is that we LIKE being stuck back there, war mongering, hating and killing those who aren’t the same, starving and exploiting those less fortunate than us, and throwing pathetic little tantrums.

I weep for humanity. Yet I wish I could give every single person on this planet the gift I received five days ago. Maybe we’d stand a chance of making it for another 1000 years.



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