Anxiety – The Quiet Enemy

This article – “Easy Ways to Manage Anxiety” – is a must read for everyone. Anxiety has got  to be one of the most insidious starters of negativity and unhappiness in our lives. Part of the problem is that we are so used to being anxious  that it’s almost a badge of honour to be suffering from it:

I’m so stressed at work, I’m doing twice the work as usual for the same pay *laughs*
X isn’t doing ANYTHING around the house so I’m working full-time both at work AND home
I’m worried about Y and his behaviour at home and school. His grades are terrible and he never listens to anything we say. He just plays on his PC and stays in his room

And the list could go on forever. Sound familiar? THAT’S ANXIETY!  Upon reading the above article, I found myself nodding in recognition to all four contributing factors.  Particularly #1. What I was really surprised to read was #4, the symptoms. Turns out the indigestion I thought I had on Tuesday night was actually an anxiety attack. It lasted about 45 minutes and I felt really really bad. My mother actually sat with me while I lay on the couch moaning and asking the Universe to let me throw up and get it over with. Afterwards I felt physically and mentally drained (I’d had a lot on my mind over the past weekend and Tuesday itself). It even affected my sleep afterwards. Interestingly enough, halfway through the episode, I was really over feeling sick and wanted to go to bed so I slowed my breathing, focused on a healing meditation (The Blue Medicine Buddha)  and willed myself to feel better.

Yesterday when I woke up, I lay in bed and decided to have a good day. I saw myself being calm and happy with what was going on during the day and then after five minutes, I got up and started my day. Yesterday was a much better day. Not perfect, but better. Today has been ok, had a few “moments” but I’m staying focused on my determination to remain positive, which is why I will sign off now and take a break 🙂


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