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Lately I’ve been seeing social media bombarded with anti religious diatribes in the form of “opinion pieces” and “news articles” on research. I put these in quotation marks because they’re thinly veiled disguises for anti theistic rantings. I’m wracking my brain and trying to figure out what’s triggered this latest wave of attacks on the theistic. Maybe one will come to me later, at the moment I’ve got nothing.

The interesting thing is that when you read the comments on these “articles” it’s quite hard to distinguish who is worse, the narrow minded, hate filled people who hide behind a loving God/dess/Creator, or the equally hate filled, self proclaimed superior intellectuals who are just as rabid and narrow minded as those they profess to be better than. Here’s the thing though – they’re all fucking morons.

Now I am the first to admit, I believe in God/dess/Creator – I was born into a theistic family, baptised Catholic, educated in the Catholic education system and came out with my sanity intact. I also came out with a few questions but always knew I believed in God/dess/Creator. I just wasn’t sure what facet was the most relevant to me. So I did the unthinkable these days – I opened a few books and READ about it *gasp* (I know, right?) Over the past 21 years, I have studied – IN DEPTH – a shitload of religious paths and beliefs. I’ve been involved with a few and really know my stuff. In fact, I think I’m rather well equipped to educate a fair few atheists on just how wrong they are on their “understanding” of theism. But I have a life, a job and a family and as the saying goes – you can lead a moron to knowledge, but you can’t make him think. But I’m quite qualified to have the “discussion” if I chose to do so.

Now, having said all that, I have 5 friends who are atheists and should be what other atheists aspire to be. In other words, they actually ARE intelligent, free thinkers who will LISTEN and have been known on occasion to change their views on “believers” (shun, shun, SHUUUUUUN – I hear the rest of atheism shriek). Sadly they are the exception and not the rule, but as a theist, I am glad they are my friends.

The main thing a LOT of atheists get wrong is that belief in God/dess/Creator is called FAITH for a reason. For the sake of “the intellectuals” let’s use the definition of faith from the Oxford Dictionary (but some wanker will undoubtedly say it’s not reliable – tough shit I’m using it)

Definition of faith in English:



1Complete trust or confidence in someone or something:this restores one’s faith in politicians

2Strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof:bereaved people who have shown supreme faith

2.1[COUNT NOUN] A particular religion:the Christian faith

2.2[COUNT NOUN] A strongly held belief:men with strong political faiths


So as we can see, there are at least four different examples of what faith means. HOWEVER, look at what number 2 states – strong belief in the doctrines of a religion based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. And Catholics admit their faith is based on their convictions when they recite the Creed in Mass each week. As do other Christians I have spoken to of other denominations. During my education, I was always told when I questioned how we know for certain that Jesus rose from the Dead or did the tongues of fire REALLY come down and rest on the Apostle’s heads during Pentecost (and how come they didn’t burn them?) – we just know it happened, it’s our faith. ( I was taught in primary school by Carmelite nuns, who knew the Bible better than most priests I might add). I’m the first to say to all atheists – I cannot prove to you why I believe what I do, I cannot give you my experiences and I can’t be arsed trying to. Now most atheists then crow and say “See you can’t even prove God exists” to which I like to turn around and say “That’s right, so you go ahead and prove God doesn’t”. This is almost ALWAYS met by howls of protests and that (my personal fave copout) the burden of proof is on me. But I’d like to state right here and right now that the burden of proof ALWAYS falls on the one who starts the argument and not solely on the theist. If I’m minding my business and some arsehole comes up to me out of the blue (which happens more than people would like to admit) and tells me I’m an idiot for believing in God, they better damn well accept that the burden of proof is on them. I didn’t invite them to come up and argue with me, and I’d much rather punch them in the face for interrupting my day with their crap, so if they have a beef with my viewpoint, prove it or fuck off thank you very much.
Now I can completely understand why people at this point would just accuse me of being a bitter theist who hates all atheists, but I’m not finished yet. So bear with me just a tad longer and you’ll see why I’m NOT that person. Theists are not completely guilt free and off the hook either. Evangelical and fundamentalist theists – you guys really piss in my pocket. You know who you are. You’re the losers who spend all day and night online trolling internet forums, Facebook and Twitter, or trolling the streets because someone could be wrong and you interpret your Bible or holy book to mean harrass the crap out of ALL THE PEOPLES about your faith, your form of God/dess/Creator and how their lives suck and have no meaning otherwise when you are commanded to witness your faith. Again let’s have a look at the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “witness”

Definition of witness in English:


1A person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place:police are appealing for witnesses to the accidentI was witness to one of the most amazing comebacks in sprinting history

1.1A person giving sworn testimony to a court of law or the police:a key witness at the trial[AS MODIFIER]: oral evidence set down in witness statements

1.2A person who is present at the signing of a document and signs it themselves to confirm this:a deed signed in the presence of a witness

2[MASS NOUN] Evidence; proof:the memorial service was witness to the wide circle of his interests

2.1Used to refer to confirmation or evidence given by signature or under oath:in witness thereof, the parties sign this document

2.2Open profession of one’s religious faith through words or actions:they will be able to give witness of their faith and confidence in God

I direct your attention to example 2.2 (the last one). Open profession of one’s religious faith through words or actions: they will be able to give witness of their faith and confidence in God. Ok, so we’re clear on that? Witnessing is to show in words AND deeds how God has made their lives better and that faith is a good thing? Yes? So why the hell do you think acting like a bunch of possessed demonic spawn, wishing hellfire and painful deaths on anyone who won’t instantly convert to your way of thinking and believing will EVER make people see how GOOD being a “believer” is? Anybody? Bueller? I don’t recall ever reading in a Bible or Torah that God commands you to be arrogant asshats in order to force a conversion. Only the Qu’aran says that (yes I’ve read that too) and in that case it’s to kill the infidels only if they refuse to let the Muslims practise their faith – kinda shows ISIS are an epic fail (or just a bunch of inbred illiterate fucks – probably both). Now, if you’re going to go trolling and harrass random strangers on the street, remember the burden of proof is on you to back up what you’re saying. No one likes or needs some wanker walking up to them and telling them how much they suck because they don’t agree with them. That’s not cool.
What all fundies from either side have to remember is, the measure by which you judge a person, will be applied to YOU as well. And when it is applied to you, how are you going to like it? The moral of the story today is – both sides can be wrong. Both sides can be absolute fucking morons. So – don’t be a moron.

One thought on “A Thought

  1. Reminds me of Joe’s safety brief when he is the steward on a show. It’s simple and to the point. “You’re all grownups. Don’t be stupid. Now let’s go.” Hahahaha! 🙂


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