New Year, New…..?

Everyone always sets New Year’s Resolutions. And they always get broken by around January 4th LOL I know, I’ve done it in the past myself. One year it was to quit smoking. So I smoked my last cigarette at the stroke of midnight and felt really empowered and determined. I bought a packet of cigarettes on January 2nd 😛 Another year it was to stop eating junk and go back to the gym. I had chocolate mudcake on the afternoon of January 1st (I assured myself it was ok because I was going to the gym the next day. Which I did and purchased a 12 month membership). I went to the gym six times that year.  That was an expensive lesson in Resolution making.

I think the key to resolutions and keeping them is to know why you are making them in the first place. And you also need to be really sure that you need the resolution as well. It’s all very well to quit smoking, but if you’re doing it because others want you to, your partner hates it, everyone else at work has given up etc, but not because YOU want to give up, chances are your heart’s not in it and your resolve will crumble very quickly.

Bearing that in mind, I have come up with ONE resolution I am willing to keep this year. I am willing to keep it because I have learnt to value myself. I do not deserve second best, I am worthy of respect from others. And so, on that note, this is my New Year’s Resolution:


I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may you achieve all you set your mind too _/\_


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