Spiritual Holiday in…….. Noosa??

I am halfway through a week long break in Noosa Heads in Queensland. It’s absolutely magical. The downside is I have to work but it’s two days out of seven so it’s not THAT bad (plus my keycard will be grateful for the rest LOL).

I’ve spent a nice amount of time on the deckchair on the balcony meditating with my new mala. MASSIVE shout out to THE TILAK SHOP for their superior customer service as well as being genuinely nice, spiritual people. I purchased a beautiful garnet and rose quartz Rudraksha mala bead necklace from them several weeks back, along with two Rudraksha bracelets. Through circumstances that were entirely my fault, the mala broke and I emailed them asking if I could have it restrung. I anticipated a cost for this and was quite prepared to pay as it was my fault it broke.

They are based in Brisbane so we drove there on Tuesday and I met with Ratan and Shivjyoti who are such wonderful people. I was told it would be restrung in 20 minutes with no charge to myself. Shivjyoti showed me around the building and invited me to attend a yoga class if my time in Queensland permits. As it turned out, the beads to restring my mala were no longer in stock, so Shivjyoti very generously invited me to choose a new mala at no cost to replace mine. I was so touched at the genuine kindness and caring of Shivjyoti and all the people at The Tilak Shop. I also purchased a plain Rudraksha mala to meditate with and I received that at a discount because of my broken mala. I was also given some beautiful mantras to meditate with and I am looking forward to mastering the pronunciation of them and meditating on them.

The pace and atmosphere in Noosa is laid back and friendly. I’ve never been here before and I will definitely come back. I would much prefer this over Surfer’s Paradise any day. It’s so lush and green, and has a very calming affect on me. I’ve found it so much easier to focus and meditate here. There is something very spiritual about the place. My aim was just to come here to relax and vege out. Instead I have a found a very beautiful connection to nature and my spiritual core. _/|\_

I have to plug The Tilak Shop because I am just impressed with them and with the people there. If you are genuinely interested in meditation and malas, I strongly suggest you check them out before anyone else.

Website – The Tilak Shop
Facebook – The Tilak Shop

View from my balcony at Noosa



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