Pulling Back

The one thing that angers me a LOT is the ego and passive aggressiveness displayed by people who consider themselves spiritual, psychic, empathic or different from those of us who are just average. It is definitely one of the reasons why I am a solitary practitioner of whatever the hell path I am on – I honestly have no idea :/

I find myself having to pull back from friends who like to portray themselves as holier than thou or, alternatively, martyrs and that life is just so hard but they are soldiering on and aren’t that special and don’t want any special kudos (even though they’re posting it all publicly) but that life goes on and they are still better off than others. It’s passive-aggressive attention seeking and it’s just fucking exhausting to read.  I definitely have to change the way I use social media from now on. I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment this weekend and it’s turned out exactly how I expected. On top of that, I have had a complete disconnection to my previous spirituality and I can’t help but feel this has had some influence on that. I think I will have a complete start over. Including a review of friendships.


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