Despair And a Rollercoaster Of Emotions

The world is insane. Honestly.

I have been in a state of despair, hurt and sadness since the Orlando shooting and the following murders in Paris. Both perpetrated by Islamic Fundamentalists.  And today we’ve had a teenager in Sydney arrested and detained without bail charged with Preparing and Planning a Serious Terrorist Threat via a telecommunication channel. This kid is 17. Fuck me dead people, what the hell is wrong with the world??????

I have been in tears over this as I am saddened, angry and frustrated with people. Yes, I’m frustrated. Even after all the facts have come out, people are still wanting to deny these acts for what they are – Islamic terror acts against gays and non-Muslims. See, I have a familiarity with it. As a Jew, I have dealt with low-level, casual racism for years in the form of anti-Semitism. I have been told over and over that, when I have challenged it, that I am too sensitive, too serious and read too much into it. I have been told Holocaust jokes and had people be surprised at me expressing offence at them, I have been called Gonzo (big hook nose) and other names stereotypical of the Nazi bullshit propoganda from over 70 fucking years ago. But I and plenty of other Jews have had to “suck it up”.

Indigenous Australians have been copping casual racism since white settlers have set foot onto the continent. And even with Reconciliation Week and National Sorry Day our Indigenous people are still maligned and mistreated. But now… now the LGBTQI+ community have been targeted, people are losing their shit! And God forbid that anyone else who’s been a minority target tries to empathise or express their understanding, because then they’re accused of trying to lessen the incident.

I’m not frustrated with people because of their sexual preferences, I’m frustrated that everyone has had their heads buried firmly in the sand about the motives of a specific bunch of people and have refused to act, even now. Why does it have to take an attack on a specific minority for people to even acknowledge there is a bigger issue at hand? And how much longer and how much worse does this have to get before it’s stopped? These questions run through my head on a loop and it scares the bejeezus out of me.



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