Pre-Shabbas Musings

I haven’t been in a mood  lately, but I’ve been a bit restless with my identity (Neverending stoooooooory….)  Anywho, I’ve been watching events unfold and finding my Jewish pride taking front and centre stage again. A few weeks ago, one of my Rabbis (I have two Rabbis that I have immense gratitude and love for, as they took me in when no one else could be bothered with me – Rabbi Danny and Rabbi Eli) posted a great speech he made in New York about the amazing outreach work he does at the universities here in Sydney.

One part of the speech stood out for me. He helped a woman to slowly become more observant in her life and she dubbed it The Rabbi Eli method. It consisted of four mitzvah – Lighting Shabbas candles (which I already do), saying The Shema each morning and evening (I don’t often do that), giving tzedekkah daily (my tzedekkah jar is in a draw in the kitchen😦 ) and keeping kosher (which I’ve been raised to do). So over the last few weeks I’ve been doing that. And while I’ve been “iffy” with how far I am willing to go, almost on a daily basis, on publicly identifying as a Jew, I have only faltered a couple of times in my Rabbi Eli Method. Those nights I have been so exhausted I have half heartedly mumbled The Shema, or been in the shower in the morning and realised with a start that I haven’t said it and then make sure I say it and really mean it. I’ve found a sense of calm in my life, even if I am not sure what’s going on, HaShem has my back. Even if I don’t understand how or why.

And so I will race home this afternoon before Shabbas starts, hurriedly prepare a meal (and I don’t have any challah 😥 ) before lighting the candles. Again I will be observing Shabbas alone, and I really miss attending Shul. Maybe one of these weeks I can get my act together and make it over to Bondi or the City.

Shabbat Shalom and have a blessed rest.



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