A Rant – Not Very Spiritual Of Me……

I will preface this by saying some of you will be pissed off by what I have to say. And perhaps you NEED to be, so you might think INDEPENDENTLY of all the bullshit so called gurus, Witches and Shamans are spouting on social media and online in general. If you are told you need to fork out $550 to be a master Reiki Healer of any tradition, master of your own destiny, shaman of whatever path or master Witch then you are beyond naive and are funding a conman or con woman – nothing more, nothing less. FUCKING STOP IT!!!! Stop giving your money to people who at the end of the day are charging around 5-6K per course because when it all boils down to it – they’re just too fucking lazy to work and are fleecing people instead.

Prophesising and “Twin Flames” is next on my hit list. While Twin Flames _DO_ exist, it is nothing, I repeat NOTHING like the crap I see being posted on Facebook and internet websites. NO relationship is worth being miserable, in pain either mentally, physically or emotionally. No Twin Flame situation requires you to be in a relationship with one person but emotionally bonded to someone else. NEWSFLASH – if you are emotionally involved with someone other than your partner, it’s cheating – FUCKING STOP IT!!!

Witches, Pagans, Gurus, Shamans etc – another pet peeve of mine. In the “good ol days” – pre internet – if someone wanted to learn about any occult paths they had to do it the old fashioned way. This entailed reading books, you know the ones written on paper that can’t be edited by any Tom, Dick or Harry who thinks they’re a channel of God/dess and were written based on FACTS, usually by scholars and people who’d EARNED the title of expert because they STUDIED for it, not because they felt like giving themselves a title after watching “The Craft” or “Practical Magic” or “Witches of Eastwick”. Or you had to do what I did – go and LOOK for people. Do the hard yards. I went and frequented places like “Dragon’s Blood” and “The Esoteric Bookshop”. I got to know people and after a certain amount of time (about 18 months), I got invited to a Coven meeting. Several months after that I was taken on as a Novitiate where I did a year and a day before being initiated into the Coven. I did my Second Degree and sadly the Coven disbanded before I could do my Third Degree and RIGHTFULLY take the title of High Priestess. I have also been initiated into a Dianic Circle. But even though I can cast Quarters like no one else’s business, run an Esbat Circle and cast some SERIOUS spells, I would NEVER take the title of High Priestess because, even though I can perform the duties, I never EARNED the title. Nowadays, any wannabe witchlet can name themselves some fancy shmancy name from Dungeons and Dragons and hey presto! some person on the Internet will believe their bullshit story about how they’re a witch from a secret unbroken lineage from before Christianity and their mum taught them to shoot flames from their arse or lasers from their eyes to smite their enemies, but it only works when no one’s watching cause shh it’s a secret 😐.

I blame the rise of the “Google mindset” for this last one. If people would only do some fucking proper research, in a library for example, instead of Wikipedia, people just wouldn’t get away with this shit. ANYONE can edit Wikipedia, ANYONE can publish a website and lie about their credentials and experience. It’s unbelievable just how many people are willing to swallow this bullshit without question because they’re too fucking LAZY to do any research themselves.

The real shame of it all is that GENUINE practicioners of Witchcraft and the holistic arts (myself included) have long since retired from the Pagan Community. Not only are we fighting a losing battle, we’re verbally and often physically attacked for telling the truth. And that’s all because money talks and bullshit walks. There is little if any truth known or being practised in today’s Pagan and New Age Communities, and you know what, serves you fucking right. People have been twisting the ways of the Elder Gods for so long that the Gods have withdrawn Their presence.

Oh, and there hasn’t been a “cosmic shift”, “ascension process”, “spiritual advancement” or other astrological event like that since 2012. The “Age of Aquarius” doesn’t start till 2700 when the constellation of Aquarius starts traversing our horizons. (Science bitches).

I really probably shouldn’t give a shit though, because those of you who really need to see this will be too busy posting your own spiritual memes and won’t even notice my post. And really, no one cares do they? As long as it sounds good and doesn’t require you to think too hard, that’ll do right?



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