I’m fast coming to the conclusion that I am somewhere in-between a definitive spiritual path. And I am finally at a place where I’m ok. I’m really drawn back to my heritage – Norse and Jewish. Admittedly, I am more vocal about my Jewishness, probably more because of the history and the fact I missed out on it while growing up (my father is Catholic and I was raised and educated as a Catholic. My mother was raised non religious and unaware of her Jewishness). I only learnt about being Jewish as an adult so a lot of it is making up for lost time, so to speak.

My Norse heritage has always been a source of pride for me. I schooled myself on it since I was a teenager. I find that I identify with my ancestors a lot more these days. Reconnecting with family in Norway has also helped a great deal as well. My daughter has just done a Visual Arts assessment using the Norse pantheon and it is extremely impressive. I know I’m biaised, but really it is amazing.

Which brings me to the Dharma. As mentioned in previous posts, I am more a believer in the Dharma itself, rather than Buddhism as a whole. I find the Dharma influences all parts of my life, regardless of creed or belief. And that’s just fine.



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