Getting Back To Basics

There is nothing like drama, stress and chaos to strip things back to the bare basics. Over the past couple of weeks, the world has just been insane! From the London terror attack to Syria’s chemical attack from its own President (and today’s assault on the source from the USA), my psyche is one frazzled, hypersensitive mess.  I can’t concentrate long enough to focus on meditation, prayer or much else.

However, a blog post popped up in my FB newsfeed yesterday that reminded me of a simple way to meditate when the monkey mind is tripping balls. Mala mantras. There are all sorts of mantras – long, short, in depth, to the point, and there are several that are just perfect for my current situation. I chose one I am familiar with – Om Namah Shivaya – “I bow to the inner Self” or “I am Pure Consciousness” I did three repetitions before I went to sleep last night and slept like a log. So I did it again this morning when I woke up. I felt pretty chill so I’ll do it again tonight before I sleep, and add one or two more cycles. And after that I will add another repetition each night.

Back to basics, back to my centre.



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