So I’ve had a few ups and downs this week with work and it’s got me thinking. I’ve been doing nightly guided meditations to help me sleep and I think it’s helped me keep a semblance of centredness in the situation. Admittedly, I lost my shit yesterday, but I have had a more balanced outlook last night and today. There’s nothing I can do about the terms of this particular contract, and the financial part got rectified late last night. I’ve had two late nights in a row which hasn’t helped, but I slept through for a minimum of 5.5 hours so that makes a difference.

I’ve been exploring the guided meditations on Insight Timer and there are some really very good ones on there. I have to hang around the Opera House tonight while my daughter performs in a concert, so I will be utilising the app on my phone while I wait. I usually do the meditations while I’m lying in bed, so sitting in a public place with headphones on will be a challenge šŸ™‚ Although traditionally meditation is done sitting up. Maybe it will get me into a better discipline for meditating each night. I have a nice big meditation cushion in my bedroom so I should start to use it.


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