In an interesting turn of events, I’m a piece of glass today. I can handle that. I’m too tired to raise much emotion about it. I had another late night last night due to mini me’s school concert at the Opera House and a few bevvies while I waited. I also reflected on the unfortunate death of a woman I’d gone to school with. She was an inherently good person, inside and out, and always encouraged me with my music and singing, especially when others at school teased me about it. we never saw each other outside of school, except at reunions, but I am still saddened about her death.

It made me realise that even though my current work situation is “teh suckness”, I’m still very fortunate to have my health after all I’ve been through, and my family and friends. I did a body awareness meditation last night before bed, even though I was _SO_ tired. It was only 6.5 minutes but it really made a difference.

Anyway, TGIF.


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