I am _SO_ tired this morning. My weekend was pretty full on, but it’s ok. Yesterday mini me and I volunteered at a Lag B’Omer festival and had a lot of fun working there.

I think most of my tiredness stems from the fallout of last week. Stress usually manifests itself physically with me – either loss of appetite, sugar craving/bingeing or a case of gastro. But THIS time it’s my eyes. Mum thought I might be coming down with conjunctivitis (yuck) but so far, no icky stuff. My eyes have been watering and puffy though, and last night – EXTREMELY sensitive to light. I was wearing sunglasses inside. On the bus on the way home from the festival yesterday, I could barely keep my eyes open. Not because I was tired, but because they were so sore and the light was hurting them.

Mum gave me her eye drops and I went to bed early last night to meditate and hoped I’d be able to come to work today – not so much because I want to, but because I _need_ to. If I pull out of this contract, my agency will terminate our working relationship and I will be up shit creek without a paddle as they are the only agency currently doing ANYTHING to keep me employed.

I would highly advise anyone AGAINST temping/contracting while looking for permanent work. While it is highly attractive as an in-between to keep the $$$ coming in, you will get stuck temping and find it increasingly harder to find a permanent job – as is my case.

I managed to do a quick meditation on the train this morning on the way to work, so at least I have started the day on an even keel. Now, to keep it that way…..


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