Friday Musings

So today is my last day at this assignment. Even though I’ve had a shit of a time with certain things, I will miss the other receptionist I work with here and some of the people in the company. But I’d be lying if I said I wish it could go for longer, or for the original 7 weeks it was SUPPOSED to go for.

I think these last 16 days have been a dharma lesson in disguise. Also a reminder to TRUST in the Universe and karma (real karma, not the bullshit version espoused by New Age fluff bunnies). It’s also taught me the true value of practising regular meditation in the "good times" so when the shit hits the fan, my sanity won’t and anger won’t rule my waking moments (but it WILL rear its ugly head :|)

I was reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s commentary on The Heart Sutra last night and making notes for myself (while trying to stay awake) and there was this "moment" when it just made sense and I think I finally got it. Intellectually I have understood form is emptiness, emptiness is form for a long time. But EMOTIONALLY I "got it" last night. It felt different to what I thought/expected it to feel like when I made a breakthrough, but I slept so well. I’ll just keep plugging away at things like I’ve been doing and keep focused on it.

Namaste and have a wonderful weekend.


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