Monday Musings

So I’m sitting at home, in the warm air conditioning (which I am grateful we have), madly sending out job applications and trying to get everything else in order.

Last Thursday I had a long overdue catch up with a very dear friend of mine – Rebekah Fisher – who not only is a very good friend, she is also a caring and altruistic healer and doula. We got to talking about meditation, Buddhism and my journey along the path. Transcendental Meditation came up and we discussed the benefits of it. I have yet to try it and mentioned this to Rebekah. Rebekah gave me a mantra to chant when meditating and told me how to meditate with it and for how long.

I tried it that evening at sunset, sitting cross legged in the driver’s seat of my car while waiting for my daughter to do her yoga class.  It was AMAZING! I was impressed with how good I felt afterwards and how straightforward it was. I’m now incorporating it into my daily practise and really seeing benefits already. I’m very grateful to Rebekah for this very valuable insight.

Now I just need to get the work situation sorted and things will be almost back to normal 😉



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