I have been practising my meditation mantra as given to my by my wonderful friend Rebekah Fisher. I’ve been thinking about my spiritual path and my journey to get here since I was at high school. Something profound (to me anyway) struck me….

Religion is a cultural identity more than anything else. An identifier for people to share a common denominator of background and commonly accepted beliefs. Spirituality is an intensely personal path. As unique a relationship between a person and the Divine/Creator/Universe as each person is unique compared to anyone else on this planet.

By interchanging the words religion and spirituality, we confuse the issue, and end up being more concerned about the label, the perceptions of others and other people in general. In fact, we get caught up by everything else except the most important thing of all – our connection to Source.

With that in mind, I am seriously questioning my choices (yeah yeah, what else is new? I hear people sigh). Have I chosen my path because it is best for me, or because it identifies me best as to what I’m not? It’s something that requires some serious soul searching and the answer may shock and upset some people (including myself). Who knows? Certainly not me at this stage…………



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