I didn’t sleep very well last night, despite the fact I did a scan and reiki on myself and a short meditation before bed. I kept waking up, gasping for breath and finding my nose was stuffy and blocking up. I was also sweating at one point so I think I had a low grade fever at one stage.

It’s Winter Solstice/Yule tonight till tomorrow night, and I am looking forward to symbolically deep sixing a lot of bullshit in my life and moving forward. I was correct six months ago when I said this year would be tougher than last year. And you know what? I’m really tired. I’ve had just about enough crap from work, certain friends and family, and others that I feel like throwing the towel in and going off the grid. Instead, I am going to take the opportunity of this Solstice to cut ties with anything that doesn’t serve my true purpose and anyone who is no good for my being. I’ve already started. No more trying to reason with people, arguing or being civil. It’s better to just sever the ties, move on and not look back. After all, my sanity should be my number one priority.



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