Tuesday Musings

These past few weeks with my daughter away overseas on her first major adventure on her own, has led me to do some soul exploring as well. I don’t really have any answers other than what I don’t want to be – namely a holier-than-thou, self righteous prick. Mind you, I don’t think I am, but like the saying goes – just because you don’t believe something is true, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Anyway, I’ve found myself finding a centre of sorts when it comes to my path and what I do (and don’t) believe. I’ve found myself doing a lot of observing of other people lately. I’ve been surprisingly calm in a lot of these situations and it’s surprised me to be honest. I’ve been able to go through the situations and just view it as an external event. Especially today. I’m rather surprised how calm I was receiving news in regards to the stability of my job.

Perhaps I am making progress…


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