​Well, I have alienated myself from ​
‌​most people in my faith community over the past few days.​ It was relatively easy to do which was quite disappointing considering how long and hard I worked to just be included in things.

But as the days have passed, I find myself viewing things differently, and I can see why some of my friends would ask me why the heck I was defending people who treated me with indifference. Some of them are downright arrogant and narrow-minded and I honestly don’t know if I’d be friends with them if not for our shared heritage. It’s been both freeing and a tad scary.

But…. I have been making lots of progress with my meditation and getting back in touch with my spiritual past. I’m trying to view it from beginner’s eyes. Admittedly it’s very difficult to do this as I can’t unlearn things. But I’m viewing them from my experience and it’s still quite enjoyable.

Overall, I’m quite happy with where I’m at now, and that’s good enough for me. I’m learning to enjoy being myself without the identifying label/s that I thought I needed to have.


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