Are You Sure?…

So things are finding their balance, naturally, and I’m feeling very "together". It’s a cliche, but when you really do let go, things work out. And better than I thought they would. Mind you, it’s still early days. But for the first time in many many months, I am not preoccupied with some aspect of my life or path not being "right" or as I think it should. And that’s a really nice change.

Of course, once you make a conscious decision ​
‌​to do something obstacles tend to pop up in one form or another 😛 I’ve found this to be particularly true when dealing with anything remotely tied to one’s emotions. It’s like the Universe double checks just to be sure. And that’s certainly been the case these last couple of days. But I’ve found myself dealing with this a little bit better than before, so that’s a good sign.​

It’s very refreshing to have a smaller circle of friends with less drama and mind games though…


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