Using Pain & Frustration In My Spiritual Practise

​So I’m really no stranger to either in my life. I am probably the most accident prone person I know (and I suspect that most people know :P). Sunday night I ended up redoing a fracture to my wrist that I originally did about 8 years ago. I went to the doctor who sent me to the hospital who x-rayed it and subsequently set it in plaster and sent me home.

I was in a lot of pain (and still am to a lesser degree). ​ It’s my right hand and lucky for me I’m left handed. So that helps big time. But the first three days were a nightmare. I ended up having to have two days off work because I couldn’t type and 95% of my job is – you guessed it – typing. Then on Wednesday morning I got a removeable cast which is SOOOO much better. It’s lighter and less bulky. But typing still takes its toll, so I’m on reduced hours. And I still have a fair amount of pain (but good painkillers).

As a result, I have had more time to reflect on things and up my spiritual game. I’ve increased my meditation, thought about what I really want to achieve, and tried to implement it. The pain in my wrist has been quite intense at times and has interrupted me when meditating and sleeping. My automatic reaction is to utter a swear word (or several) in one of a handful of languages I know, and ruminate on "why me". Instead, I have used the pain as a reminder to come back to the present and to reaffirm that my intent is to focus on being the best version of myself and that I’m a constant work in progress.

I’d like to think it’s successful, but it’ a series of constant baby steps. I’ll be in a cast for the next four weeks, so I’m sure I’ll have some setbacks. But as long as I can remind myself that it’s ok to not be perfect and my feelings are normal, I should be able to make some progress. So that’s a start.


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