It’s August and I’m still having issues with my ankle 😐 I’ve just had surgery to join the fracture with pins and a bone graft. The one thing this has given me is a renewed appreciation of meditation. Especially the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

I’ve been in a lot of pain since the operation and I spent the first night post-op repeating the mantra over and over for several hours. The nurses were very curious when they came upon me with my mala beads at all hours in the dark. But I found a rhythm to the chanting, lining up with the beeps of the machines in the room (I was sharing with three other women). I did fall asleep a few times out of exhaustion, but when I woke I immediately started the meditation again. I’m sure it helped (along with the pain medication of course).

However, the real test has been at home. I don’t have nursing staff, or an IV for instant pain relief. Sure I have the medications, but the pain is intense and the positioning in bed not as comfortable as in hospital. Twice I have broken down in tears as I feel I’m at my threshold. But, I remember that like everything else, this is temporary, tomorrow will be less painful than today, and the day after that, and the day after that. So I continue my medication regime and I count my mala:

Tayata om bhekandze bhekandze maha bhekandze randza samungate soha.

This too shall pass.


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