A Thought..

I’ve chosen my recovery period to take some time off social media – well mainly Facebook, because lately everyone is just so negative and mean spirited. It’s been so draining on my psyche and own healing process.

But, I just saw a video that has really restored my faith in humanity. It was about a six year old boy who’s mission in life is to save shelter dogs and rehome them. And he has a phenomenal success rate. He saved 720 dogs alone last year. And it got me thinking about the latest glut of feel good videos I’ve seen online and a really good trend.

Children are leading the way in compassion and doing the right thing.

I have always firmly believed we have been undergoing a consciousness shift on this earth and it’s finally coming to the fore. Many people scoffed at me and called me a fluffy New Ager (I know, right?) but I stuck to my guns on this and I’m really glad I’ve got the privilege of seeing this in action. I’ve been so disappointed in humanity over the last couple of years, so it’s a blessing to see this change in action.

It’s also been the driving force behind my spiritual seeking. And I’m positive it’s why Buddhism is my way of life these days. When all is said and done, my underlying belief system is Buddhist. My cultural beliefs and lifestyle “decorate” it, my daily practises/rituals surround it, but when I break it all down to my core beliefs – it’s Buddhism. I wear many hats – we all do in this life – yet Buddhism is the hatstand that holds them all. And I really like that. And it works.


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