I’m finding more and more during this recovery that patience is my number one trait being tested. I’ve never really been the most patient person in the world, and I’ve never been a very good patient when sick/injured. But it seems the more I travel down this Buddhist path, the more intense the testing of this particular trait has gotten.

I’ve never been a gamer. In fact, I detest gaming. I think it’s the biggest waste of time that anyone can indulge in. But it seems that I am largely in the minority when it comes to it. I don’t care if people game, as long as I don’t have to participate or watch it. Now, at this stage of my recovery, I’m confined to my bedroom due to mobility and pain issues. And that’s fine. It has allowed me to meditate for hours so I’m quite grateful for it. But I have three stepsons who LOVE to game. And today, it’s all I can hear. Usually I can tune it out and it doesn’t get too bad. But there’s this one particular YouTube channel they watch and it’s one of those idiots who narrate their gaming. I cannot comprehend why anyone would spend hours watching that shit, but hey different strokes right? The main issue I have with this YouTuber is his laugh is the most irritating sound ever uttered on this earth, and the dumb schmuck laughs at EVERYTHING. ALL. THE. TIME. So this is playing in the lounge room currently. So I’m now playing my radio and reminding myself that it’s not a big deal. It’s the pain making me sensitive to everything. But I really can’t wait to at least be mobile again.


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